Generation 1

Took me 1D20H to complete Goals: get maybe 20 crystals Crystals achieved: 64 I think chests were spawning like they did before SW update, because I was getting chests pretty fast. I got pretty lucky with chest drops also (they were 4 crystals in 1 chest). Artefact upgrades: Samadun and Headband to level 7 (59 crystals spent) Saving the last 7 for the stealth pendant when it becomes available Plans for next generation: make it to 200 fast, hopefully less than a week with enough crystals to get a few levels on thegian and maybe a few in Arai talisman

Generation 2:

Was just a quick to 100 to get some quick crystals. Took me I think a day. I forgot what I bought with that gen, but I was also saving crystals for Stealth Pendent. I bought a few levels of headband and samadun and got pendent to 3.

Gen 3:

once I got to about 110 I could see a huge slowdown. I retired at level 117 because I got impatient. I bought some more levels of samadun. I got that to level 13. My artefact levels at this point:

  • Samadun - 13,

  • headband - 7,

  • pendent - 3

Goals for next run: get 304 crystal and do the following upgrades: headband to level 12, max pendent, get Arai to level 10, get Rozh to 5

Gen 4:

Before I reached 200 (around 198) it was taking just forever. Once I got to 206 I retired with 135 crystals (master guardian on 205 gave me 6 crystals extra. The Worst Fiend from level 200 gave me 12 crystals)

  • I upgraded Rozh to do 3X for 13 crystals

  • Bought Arai Talisman and got it to level 7

  • Got stealth pendent to 4

  • Got headband to 8

Gen 5:

Reached a high of 222. I got bored at that point and retired with 94 crystals.

  • Rozh to level 5 again

  • AT to 9 Bought

  • Mithrode Jewel and got it to level 4

Gen 6:

  • Got to 206 in a couple of days or so. I got bored of it and I retired with 113 crystals
  • Spent 50 on stealth pendent
  • 13 on Rozh
  • Upgraded Mithrode to 7

Gen 7:

  • Reached a new high of 227. I got bored after a few days. Mithrode was over 300% and was taking awhile (honestly not too long) to get to next gate.
  • I think I retired with around 108 or so crystals
  • Rozh to 5 again
  • Upgraded headband to 10
  • Upgraded Mithrode to 10

Gen 8:

  • Retired when 1.1.3 came out with 74 crystals
  • Upgraded AT to 10
  • Upgraded headband to 12
  • Rozh to 5

Gen 9:

  • Retired with 232 crystals at 236
  • From now on I'm not putting Rozh gemstone upgrade in here because I'm just upgrading it to level 5 every time. I'll add it to the upgrade list again when I start upgrading it higher up every run. Just know that I spend 13 crystals on it each run
  • Bought Nazuum cube and maxed it
  • Leveled headband from 12 to 20
  • Had 5 crystals left over

Gen 10:

  • Reached a new high of 341! Retired with 601 crystals after very slow progress
  • Upgraded AT to 15
  • Bought and upgraded Mana Shard to 13
  • Had 20 crystals left over, saving to get my AT and MJ higher

Gen 11:

  • Reached a better high of 357 this run. Had to do Intensified tap life to increase past around 330s or so. Retired with 650 crystals.
  • Upgraded Headband from 20 to 40
  • Upgraded Mithrode from 10 to 11
  • 11 crystals left over Plan to save up for SBC: tap life to increase Tap Life time and also leveling up my Samadun to 40 when possible to be same level as my headband

Gen 12:

  • Retired at a new high of 361 with 677 crystals, also a new high!
  • Upgraded AT from 15 to 20
  • Upgraded Samadun from 13 to 15
  • Bought (125 crystals) and upgraded spell booster charm: tap life to 10
  • Didn't have the best of luck with MG's in this gen and hoping since I upgraded AT I'll have better luck this next one. 

Gen 13: 

Coming Soon

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