• LloydIrving69

    My Runeblade journey

    August 30, 2015 by LloydIrving69

    Took me 1D20H to complete Goals: get maybe 20 crystals Crystals achieved: 64 I think chests were spawning like they did before SW update, because I was getting chests pretty fast. I got pretty lucky with chest drops also (they were 4 crystals in 1 chest). Artefact upgrades: Samadun and Headband to level 7 (59 crystals spent) Saving the last 7 for the stealth pendant when it becomes available Plans for next generation: make it to 200 fast, hopefully less than a week with enough crystals to get a few levels on thegian and maybe a few in Arai talisman

    Generation 2:

    Was just a quick to 100 to get some quick crystals. Took me I think a day. I forgot what I bought with that gen, but I was also saving crystals for Stealth Pendent. I bought a few l…

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