I've been under the belief that DPS is better than TAP since I started playing, but there are many other members on reddit that swear that TAP is the way to go.  Because of this, I assumed that maybe after several generations when you have your Artefacts higher, that yes, maybe TAP is better then.  So towards the end of my 5th Generation I decided to do a completely DPS run and compare it to a completely TAP run with my DPS and TAP Artefacts at the same level (level 30 for each) and keeping my gold Artefact constant (20) and my Rozh level constant (9).

So I completed the DPS run with great success and am now on Day 2 of my TAP run.  So far TAP has been very disappointing.  Based on all of the comments I was expecting it to out perform, or at the very least stay on par with, the DPS run.  Yet, it has taken me 57 minutes longer to beat level 100 (70 vs. 127) and has taken me almost 5 hours longer to beat 200 (15 hours of game play vs. 10 hours, 23 minutes).  If this continues, I may just abandon this TAP run altogether and switch to DPS for the remainder, calling DPS a clear winner (at least at level 30 Artefact level).

I wonder if all of the players who swear by TAP have actually done an apples to apples comparison, or if they have simply invested so many Crystals in TAP that they believe it is better than DPS, because their level 60 TAP Artefact did way better than their level 20 DPS Artefact.

I may shoot for enough Crystals to get my DPS Artefact to 50 or 60 and my Gold Artefact to 30 or 40 after this generation and then do another DPS to TAP comparison, as people also swear that once TAP is higher, it is better.  More and more I am feeling this is not true.

I have thought for a while that the benefit of having 5 Runes to upgrade more often is what makes DPS stronger than TAP, and this run is lending some evidence to support it.  The next 2 comparison runs will show if TAP closes the gap or if DPS continues to be the clear winner.

Now, with some of the new Artefacts coming, this argument may be irrelevant anyway, but I like to know how things work, so will continue it anyway.  =)

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