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    Wiki Navigation

    August 14, 2015 by GameShaman

    With more and more pages being added to the Wiki, I'd like some help on figuring out how to setup the Navigation.  Here are the limitations:

    Level 1: you can have 1-4 of these menu items, right now we have "Content" and "Community".  "On the Wiki" is automatically added.  Community is also something most of the Wiki's I've seen keep up there.  So that really leaves room for only 3.  I don't know if I really like "Content", but it was generic and I thought we could throw everything under there to get started.  Now that we are growing we may want to change this.

    Level 2: You are limited to adding 7 of these to any Level 1.  Right now I've stuck Gameplay, Spells and Artefacts here.  I did Artefacts because there were a lot, I did Spells because…

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  • GameShaman

    TAP vs. DPS

    August 14, 2015 by GameShaman

    I've been under the belief that DPS is better than TAP since I started playing, but there are many other members on reddit that swear that TAP is the way to go.  Because of this, I assumed that maybe after several generations when you have your Artefacts higher, that yes, maybe TAP is better then.  So towards the end of my 5th Generation I decided to do a completely DPS run and compare it to a completely TAP run with my DPS and TAP Artefacts at the same level (level 30 for each) and keeping my gold Artefact constant (20) and my Rozh level constant (9).

    So I completed the DPS run with great success and am now on Day 2 of my TAP run.  So far TAP has been very disappointing.  Based on all of the comments I was expecting it to out perform, or a…

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