I've decided I'm going to get some badges tonight. SO here I am, writing my first blog post on my first day as a Wikia member, in order to do just that.

Ok, so yes.. Runeblade has wiggled its way into my life, and as of this moment I'm on Day no.74 and counting. Addicted?  Just a little.  Do I have a strategy?  Yes and no.  Everybody says it's best to choose either TAP or DPS style of playing, where you just pour all your gold into one or the other, not both. As of yet I have been unable to stick to one pln of attack for long. I build one up, then the other, then I forget which way I was playing and end up upgrading everything I can.  There's that, and I just can't seem to keep myself from wanting to upgrade everything, using all my spells whenever they become available. Buttons waiting to be pushed taunt me, even those 1% runes staring me down... I sure as shanty can't make myself wait more than two rounds to Invigorate my Intensify for Some Dark Alchemy.  Perhaps this has slowed my progress, as it seems that most of the players who started around the time as I are well into the 500's and beyond, while today I struggled to get a mere 10 levels past my record of 431. 

The way I see things, I may be slow now, but in the long term I'll have a great base foundation in place so I'll be in good shape (as mucha as I can be) for future updates to this awesome game. In the coming days I'll post my initial experiences, progress, and random thoughts of the moment.  To Everywear Games along with the developers and contributors of both this wiki and the Reddit page... THANK YOU all for being so friendly, responsive, and above all, providing to me these hours of entertainment which work quite well as a regular timer to break up the humdrum of RL. 

Woot! In the time I spent on initial edits and exploration of the awesomeness that is this Wikia, I managed to reach Guardian 439! WootWoot! It just figures that he's no MG. I think I'll retire now... Catch you on the flip side, homies.

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