Overview Edit

The Spell Booster Charm for Invigorate removes the cooldown from additional previously cast spells when Invigorate is used. By default, only 1 spell cooldown is removed. This charm will remove the cooldown from 5 previously cast spells at its maximum level of 4.

Lore Edit

I happened on a lucky trade with the Muzga. A crate full of mystical Charms! Those guys had no idea what they were sitting on.

Strategy Edit

Time will tell...

Formulas Edit

Spell Cooldowns Removed = 1 + level

Level Cost = level ^ 3

Artefact Levels Edit

Artefact Level Spell Cooldowns


Cost (in Crystals) Cumulative Cost
1 2 N/A N/A
2 3 8 8
3 4 27 35
4 5 64 99

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