Kha Eyr Cie
Gish Prea Ary

Overview Edit

There are 6 different runes for now in the game. Each rune can either improve your TAP damages or your DPS. At the begining of each game, only the first two runes are availiables: Kha and Eyr. You can unlock the others by buying them with gold throughout your progress. There are 1 rune for TAP and 5 runes for DPS.

Lore Edit


Over the centuries, The Order has studied and deciphered thousands of Runes used by the Arai. Most of these studies have been inconsequential, but every now and then the relentless scrutiny yields a notable find. These powerful Runes can be instilled into objects or weapons, granting their wielders access to unspeakable powers.

The Runes come in two categories. The TAP Rune inflicts damage with each stroke of the blade. The DPS (damage-per-second) Rune automatically delivers continuous damage against the enemy during the attack.

Strategy Edit

On the level 5 of each rune, you unlock a new Spells. For TAP players, you should focus only on Kha. DPS players will have to find out which rune is the cheapest and provide the more DPS.

Tips Edit

Each time your reach 100 levels for a rune, its symbol will glow a bit more.

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