Overview Edit

The Ring of Odagh increases the duration of TAP attacks. By default your TAP attacks last 3 seconds. At its maximum level of 10, your TAP attacks will last 23 seconds.

Lore Edit

An exquisitely crafted ring blessed by the Magi of Odagh. Apparently it invokes Battle Frenzy in its user. I didn't dare to find out for myself.

Strategy Edit

If you're going to be a primarily TAP attack player, this is a key item to get in your early to mid game play. You'll want to get decent levels on Etraxxan Wristband and Headband of Perception first, but look to getting this as another early Artefact. It's cheap to max (54 Crystals) and once you do, each TAP attack will last 23 seconds. Combine that with Endurance attacks that will start to last an hour and 55 minutes or almost 4 hours when Endurance is combined with Intensify. Check out the Endurance page to see how Ring of Odagh affects the length of Endurance by level.

Formulas Edit

TAP Length (in seconds) = (level * 2) + 3

Level Cost = level

Artefact Levels Edit

Artefact Level TAP Length

(in seconds)

Cost (in Crystals) Cumulative Cost
1 5 N/A N/A
2 7 2 2
3 9 3 5
4 11 4 9
5 13 5 14
6 15 6 20
7 17 7 27
8 19 8 35
9 21 9 44
10 23 10 54

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