Hi folks,

February 3rd is getting closer and we're preparing everything for Runeblade - Season 2 launch. I've previously written a short primer about what to expect, but wanted to share the key features here in a single update.

Runeblade Season 2 New Features:

-New Story Arc: Season 2 begins a brand new story arc. This takes place after the battle of the Forgotten Halls and will continue from level 1000 to 2000. The sinister reason for the fall of the Arai begins to unfold...

-Shadow blade: Around level 1000 your Runeblade will become even more powerful. You can unlock shadow blade by maxing out all Runes. This will kick start a new cycle of rune upgrades.

-Daily Bonuses: Daily Bonuses are a big change which will reward frequent players. When you log in daily you will receive a Silver Bonus on every fourth day and a golden bonus on the 16th day. This is a permanent bonus to a single random rune that stacks. Silver bonus is 25% and Golden Bonus is 100%. Unlocking Golden Bonus restarts the cycle.

-New Magic Item, Courier Drake: This feature which you can purchase from Magic Store allows you send a Courier Drake to Wyeston for a shopping trip. You can send up to half your crystals once per generation.

-New Achievements: We've added new achievements that increase in power on all milestone levels (i.e. 200, 300, etc.) to first 1000 levels. These are immediately unlocked if you're in the deep end (i.e. if you're current max level is 753 you should see a pop-up screen after update which shows that you've unlocked achievement for lvl 700 and receive all previous milestone level achivements).

-UI enhancements: New Runeblade visuals that show you power progression for individual runes, Improved Hero Screen and Inventory.

-+100 new levels and of course added monsters

As a side note we've also added Chinese localization on top of English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Italian. This update kicks off our 2016 Roadmap and I hope you'll enjoy the update!

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