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  • Hi, welcome to Runeblade Wikia! Thanks for your edit to the Category:Browse page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • Hi, no problem.

      After adding the fifth spell, I just moved the Runes page into this location: wiki/Runes (seems more logicial to put the page here). So I just need you to delete the old Runes page (the one on the Category page) because now there are two of them.

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    • Ok, nice.  I went ahead and deleted the Category:Runes page.  I also did the following:

      - Made your images on the /Runes page clickable to go to the rune page by adding "link=RunePageName" to each of the images.  It looks like you did link= on the actual Rune pages themselves, so maybe you already knew this and didn't think of it?

      - I added a place holder for the 6th spell.  I'll try to get an image uploaded later.

      - Added Runes (and all of the Runes pages) to the navigation at the top under Gameplay.  If you don't see the 6 Rune links coming off of Runes, you'll probably need to do a hard refresh on your browser or clear your cache.

      Great job and keep the updates coming!  =)

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    • I added a pretty complete guide/page for the TAP players, I do not really know where to put it on the Wikia so I will let you do that.

      The page is at /wiki/TAP

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