Overview Edit

The Magic Shop is where you go to spend or purchase Diamonds. There are special items that you can spend diamonds on here that, while not required, will help with your progression in Runeblade. This is where you can also purchase Diamond Packages to help give back to the developers who built this amazing game!

Items Edit

There are 5 items that can be obtained through the Magic Shop.

AraiCloak-Icon CourierDrake RingOfDamage-Icon
Arai Cloak Courier Drake Ring of Damage
RingOfResurgence-Icon VorpalBuckle
Ring of Resurgence Vorpal Buckle

Item Packages Edit

Diamond Packages Edit

In addition to the Item Packages, there are additional packages that just provide you with Diamonds.

  • 200 Diamonds - "Boosting your progress has never been this simple!".
  • 600 Diamonds - 20% bonus Diamonds - "This crazy offer will definitely take you places!".
  • 1300 Diamonds - 30% bonus Diamonds - "See? I'm willing to make an offer you just can't refuse!".
  • 2800 Diamonds - 40% bonus Diamonds - "Now this is the kind of deal they write ballads about!".
  • 6000 Diamonds - 50% bonus Diamonds - "I would make an outrageously exaggerated statement about this deal if it was necessary.".

Blood Opal Packages Edit

You can also spend your Diamonds at the Magic Shop to purchase Blood Opals.

  • 1000 Blood Opals - "Sometimes you need a little help in nudging the Realms in your favor."
  • 3000 Blood Opals - "Sometimes you need lots of help in nudging the Realms in your favor."