Overview Edit

The Jaagu Soul Stone allows you to spend Diamonds to automatically upgrade runes for you. By spending 2 Diamonds, you get 10 minutes of automatic rune upgrading. Jaagu can be stacked an unlimited number of times, allowing for days, weeks or months of automatic rune upgrades to happen. You do not lose your Jaagu bonus when you retire, automatic upgrades will continue to happen until the time runs out.

Lore Edit

Jaagu (Soul Stone) induces a trancelike state, allowing a transcended soul of a deceased War Mage to take over for a time, automatically upgrading Runes.

Strategy Edit

  • If you aren't a continual user of Jaagu, you can spend 2 diamonds after not logging in for a while to instantly upgrade all of your runes, rather than tapping hundreds of times.
  • Using Jaagu for the duration of your Tap Life will help you get the most out of Tap Life.
  • Continual use of Jaagu overnight can result in a very deep run by the time you wake up.
  • If you have Mithrode Mode active, Jaagu will not upgrade Kha.
  • Jaagu does not upgrade intelligently, it simply upgrades whichever rune is cheapest. So if you have runes that have a higher bonus from the Daily Bonus, Jaagu will be slower than actively upgrading runes on your own.
  • If you are purely playing TAP, Jaagu is really not for you, as it will always upgrade the DPS runes, thus upgrading the only TAP rune you have at 1/6th of the pace that it should.