• Daily Quest Appears
  • Begin Daily Quest
  • Daily Quest Status Screen
  • Daily Quest Map View
  • Daily Quest Arrow Green
  • Daily Quest Status Green
  • Half Way There!
  • Collect Your Rewards!

Overview Edit

Daily Quests appear once a day on your map screen. Once a Daily Quest begins, players have 2 hours to complete the quest. Players must sufficiently increase their damage output over those 2 hours to complete the quest and receive the rewards. The arrow on the quest will move to the green side of bar if your current damage is enough to complete the quest. If your damage decreases prior to completing the quest, the arrow could move back to the red side of the bar and you may fail the quest.

Daily Quests are available every day starting at 12 PM GMT (8 AM EST/5 AM PST).

Strategy Edit

The easiest way to complete the Daily Quest is to have enough gold available to do several damage upgrades AFTER you start the Daily Quest. For example, a player lives in Chicago and wakes up at 7:15 AM. He opens his watch and collects his nightly gold. He then immediately opens the Daily Quests and hits Begin. He then utilizes his Dark Alchemy to gain even more gold. Now he upgrades his stronger DPS spell 4 times. He goes back to the Daily Quest and sees that the arrow is on the far right of the green, meaning that he has more than enough damage now to beat the quest in under 2 hours.

Rewards Edit

There are 2 rewards for successfully completing the Daily Quest. The first is revealed (but not won) when you complete the first half of the Daily Quest. The second is not revealed unless you win. Rewards come in the form of Crystals, Gold or Keys with Crystals being the most desired reward for most players. See the chart below to see how many Crystals you can expect to win on your Daily Quest based on your level. There doesn't to be a consistent pattern to the number of Crystals gained.

Crystal Rewards by Level Edit

Level Crystals Gained from Daily Quest*
21 2
138 4
154 2
234 5
237 5
249 15 (seems high)
254 5
256 13 (seems high)
284 8
314 17
321 9
359 12 & 23 from same Quest
389 13
394 14
444 16
477 17
494 19

Locations, Obstacles and Monsters Edit

There are 4 different locations, obstacles and Monsters for the daily quests.

Daily Location 1
Daily Obstacle 1
Daily Monster 1
Daily Location 2
Daily Obstacle 2
Daily Monster 2
Daily Location 3
Daily Obstacle 3
Daily Monster 3
Daily Location 4
Daily Obstacle 4
Daily Monster 4