Overview Edit

Every day you play the app on the watch, it will either start or extend your Daily Bonus streak. If you miss a day, your streak ends and will restart at day 1 the next day you play.

Mechanics Edit

  • On days 4, 8 and 12, you gain a 25% bonus to a single random Rune.
  • On day 16, you gain a 100% bonus to a single random rune.
  • Rune bonuses are permanent once you receive them and are not lost when you break a streak or retire.
  • When you receive a bonus, you must go to the rune page and activate the rune bonus by tapping on the 25%/100% icon that is on the rune that was randomly selected for the bonus.
  • Rune bonuses will stack with each other. If you already had 25% on Prea and received another 25% bonus on Prea during the streak, your bonus would then be 50% on Prea.
  • You can see the amount of bonus for any given rune by tapping on that rune's "info screen".
  • When the 16 day streak ends, another 16 day streak begins.

Strategy Edit

  • Focus on actively upgrading your runes that have the highest bonus and passively upgrade those with lower bonuses.
  • While the 4th, 8th and 12th day bonuses are nice, the 16th day bonus is OP. Try to keep the streaks alive for all 16 days!