Overview Edit

The Cursed Diving Rod detects the Chests with the least amount of treasure. By default you detect 0 Chests. The Cursed Diving Rod can detect up to 6 Chests at its maximum level of 6.

Lore Edit

A friend spent years digging for treasure with this thing. He never found a thing. It’s as if it actually detects where the treasure ain't!

Strategy Edit

Get this one early and max it. At its max level you'll only need open a maximum of 3 chests to find your Crystals. This is huge and will allow you gain a ton of Crystals from Chests.

With this artefact, the 3x3 array of chests will clearly show which chests have the lowest monetary gain by overlaying them with an image of the divining rod. These marked chests, therefore, are not to be picked. (Very low level players may consider opening the chests anyway to gain the meagre amounts of cash on offer, but it's unlikely such players would have this artefact upgraded to any degree...)

Formulas Edit

Chests Detected = level

Level Cost = level ^ 3

Artefact Levels Edit

Artefact Level Chests Detected Cost (in Crystals) Cumulative Cost
1 1 N/A N/A
2 2 8 8
3 3 27 35
4 4 64 99
5 5 125 224
6 6 216 440